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(AUGUST 23rd - SEPTEMBER 22nd)

Element : Earth

Ruling Planet : Mercury, the communicator

Symbol : The Virgin

Tarot Cards : The Hermit (Inner Strength)

Preferable colours : Yellow, Green, Brown

Number : 5

Key Phrasing : Better to be busy than bored

Love matches : Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus

Virgo Man

Either physically or mentally the Virgo man is typically in constant motion. He never seems to sit still as it is vital that his abundant energy finds a positive outlet otherwise this could be wasted in restlessness. When it comes to the affairs of the heart the Virgo man wont exactly sweep you off your feet, this is because he lives on a very practical level and doesn't give himself over to sentimentality and mushy promises. Love is very important to the Virgo man but it’s the way he chooses to express his love devotion to his partner, rather than through grand romantic gestures. The Virgo man will seek out quality rather than quantity setting his sights on an intelligent and accomplished partner with subtle attractiveness rather than blatant attractiveness.

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Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman can appear vulnerable and fragile, but underneath her shy exterior is a woman made of steel. She can be pure minded, but she is not naive. This very strong woman has practical and common-sense values which can make her extremely independent. The Virgo woman is more than capable of opening her own doors in life. Although she can be painstakingly meticulous about details and good manners, she can be the kindest, most generous and if she's in love with you, the most affectionate woman in the world. The Virgo woman’s perfectionism can be irritating at times but with her organised approach she will have a positive effect on all those who cross her path. She poses great wit and has a lovely sense of humour. They may need to watch their tendency to be overcautious and overcritical.

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