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(APRIL 20th - MAY 20th)

Element : Earth

Ruling planet : Venus, the lover

Symbol : The Bull

Tarot Card : The Heirophant (Determination)

Preferable colours : Green, Pink, Pale Blue

Number : 6

Key Phrasing : I have what i need

Love matches : Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus man

As the bull suggests, the Taurean man tends to be hardworking, strong and determined. Once a Taurean male sets his mind on something or someone he can almost get what he wants, but he can wear people down with his persistence. Grace and intelligence are huge attractions when it comes to the opposite sex. He likes his freedom and doesn't want a clinging vine. There are no mind games when it comes to a Taurean man, he means business and you should be in no doubt about his intentions. They can be very stubborn people, but that doesn't underestimate that Taurean men are practical, sensible and the determined type. The Taurean male would be surely moving forward to secure a future protecting what he has built.

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Taurus woman

It can be said that the Taurean woman is one on the most courageous women in the zodiac, both emotionally and morally. The Taurean woman has a remarkable ability to adjust to situations and get along with just about everyone. She is also intolerant of sloppy habits and untidiness so expect her home to look beautiful and very clean. The Taurean female has a taste and appreciation for the arts and particularly music. She likes to take her time in doing things her own way so if you try to hurry her along she may become very irritable and angry. The Taurean women is fiercely loyal and will stand by those who she loves, she will never fail to inspire anybody with her brave determined personality. She has a dependable strength and the practicality to literally move mountains. Not too many distractions or changes from her routine suits her absolutely fine.

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