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(OCTOBER 23rd - NOVEMBER 21st)

Element : Water

Ruling Planets : Mars, the warrior and Pluto, the destroyer

Symbol : The Scorpion

Tarot card : Death (Regeneration)

Preferable colours : Red, Purple, Black

Numbers : 9

Key phrases : I will renew myself

Love matches : Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Scorpio man

The Scorpion man on the surface can often appear calm, confident and in control, but if there was only one word to describe and sum up the Scorpion man that word would be "passion". This doesn't apply just in the bedroom but also passionate about everyone and everything that's involved in their life. You will either love a Scorpion man or dislike him, it’s impossible to be neutral about them. This is because they have their hypnotic intensity about themselves, somewhat like an enigma. Scorpion men can be passionate one moment, but full of common sense the next. Coming second place isn't an option for the Scorpion male, losing is not only painful for him, it can kill a part of him. He doesn't just want to win in life the Scorpion man has to win in life.

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Scorpio woman

Mysterious, confident, proud and deep are the key words for a Scorpion woman. The chances of her being strikingly beautiful and seductive are inevitable. As stunning as she appears to be, the Scorpion woman harbours a secret resentment. In her mind being a woman brings its joys but also its restrictions, for example, she may find the role of being a girlfriend challenging, she will want to be the one making all the moves and if she came into marriage, she'll be the one who wants to pop the question. The Scorpion woman can be very sexy and aggressive at the same time. This woman longs for more freedom and life without limitation and she'll also be the one pushing her own boundaries at work and when it comes to relationships, she will have no time for girly mind games. The Scorpion woman will want to cut right to the chase. Work is so important to a Scorpion woman and that's because they need to feel challenged.

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