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Element : Fire

Ruling Planets : Jupiter, the philosopher

Symbol : The Archer

Tarot Card : Temperance

Preferable Colours : Blue, Purple, White

Numbers : 3

Key Phrases : I want to be challenged

Love Matches : Aries, Leo, Libra

Sagittarius man

The Sagittarian man will not be easy to pin down, typically there will be a crowd of people around him. This man’s idealistic energy and curiosity can be endearing and infectious. The Sagittarian's innocence can sometimes get out of hand with careless and reckless behaviour. Once this man settles in a relationship, freedom is essential for him, the freedom to explore and freedom to dream. The independent spirit of a Sagittarian man won't tolerate any restriction. His soaring imagination, creativity and optimistic energy can literally move mountains. Many of this mans dreams and plans won't be as wise or well thought out as they could be; this could be because he doesn't just think with his mind, he also thinks with his heart. This doesn't tend to matter because the Sagittarian man’s love is genuine, honest and pure. He truly has a special gift.

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Sagittarius woman

The most frank women in the entire zodiac signs has to be the Sagittarian. They see the world exactly as it is and they’re not afraid to tell you strait, they never lie to you. Fortunately for others, they often do this in such a charming and intelligent manner that it’s impossible to get upset. The Sagittarian woman is extremely independent in their thinking, these women are most likely to live on their own even when they are in a relationship. The adventurous side to life for a Sagittarian woman can start early, there is so much to learn, see and do and so many places to go in the world. Commitment and family ties are very important but that is something they will do in the future. The Sagittarian woman has lots of friends and she tends to mistake friendship for love and love for friendship. The spirit of adventure needs to work for the Sagittarian women to step out into the world.

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