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(FEBRUARY 19th - MARCH 20th)

Element : Water

Ruling planet : Jupiter, the philosopher and Neptune, the speculator

Symbol : Two fishes

Tarot Card : The moon (intuition)

Preferable colours : Green, Silver, Violet

Number : 7

Key Phrasing : Uncovering hidden depths

Love matches : Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Pisces man

The Piscean man can be prone to bouts of uncertainty and low self-esteem. Although very sensitive on the surface he's also a survivor with the uncanny ability to plunge into the unknown, somehow coming up with answers and the hidden treasures for a better tomorrow. Imagine your perfect man. The Piscean man can be just that. In fact, he can be anything you want him to be. He can be a romantic dreamer at heart and when he falls in love, he falls in love so deep it can be difficult to tell where you begin and he ends. The Piscean male is easily hurt and once he has merged with another person, he can quite literally feel their pain. The Piscean man encourages his dreams and if he gets a chance to put these into reality his potential for success is outstanding.

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Pisces woman

The Piscean woman is deeply compassionate and very understanding. Her first instincts are to help and to heal. She will subtly get things organised exactly in the way she wants them. When the Piscean feelings are hurt, she tends to lash out with bitterness and disappointment just like anyone else. However, being critical or judgemental just isn't in her nature. The women born under the sign of Pisces are beautifully feminine and sophisticated. She has the ability to adapt to different situations and social settings effortlessly. Her main drive is to be connected to a group or a partner. The Piscean women's vulnerability and fragility can be very appealing and she is far stronger than she appears to be, and much more capable than she knows. Careers that are creative and artistic tend to suit Pisceans best.

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