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Element : Air

Ruling Planet : Venus, the lover

Symbol : The Scales

Tarot Cards : Justice (Discernment)

Preferable colours : Green, Purple, Pink

Number : 6

Key Phrasing : There are decisions to be made

Love matches : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Libra man

The Libran man can give great advice and great answers for just about anything. He has logical, intelligent arguments that never fail to impress, added with charm and a smile that's irresistible. On the face of a Libran man everything seems perfect but if his scales tip back and forwards, he can start to contradict himself. Making his mind up can prove to be very difficult for him and when he does make a decision it can change immediately for the fear of making a mistake. When it comes to romance, the Libran man is the king of all Zodiac signs. He has a casual charm and an intelligent charismatic personality to win over even the most resistant potential partners. When he has won them over he may be not sure on what to do. The Libran man is always weighing up his options and when he finally decides to take the leap you can be certain that he will be a devoted, charming and passionate partner.

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Libra woman

The typical Libran woman if there ever was such a creature is so multifaceted. She can be dainty, seductive and feminine. She is often wearing luxurious clothes and perfumes and very often being aware of her good looks. The Libran woman is very fair at finding a solution that works for everyone during times of crisis as well as family affairs. Living alone doesn't suit this person one little bit. When she finds herself in a relationship she will tend to not slip into a dependant role, however she will contribute more than her fair share both emotionally and financially. The Libran woman can be as tough as nails as well as being soft as velvet, she can be a very hard act to follow. She has an amazing combination of strength and sweetness and when she decides to walk into a person’s life or heart, the chances are high that they won't want her to leave. She is very ambitious and hates to be ordered around by anyone.

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