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(JULY 23rd - AUGUST 22nd)

Element : Fire

Ruling planet - Sun, the individual

Symbol - The Lion

Tarot Card - Strength (passion)

Preferable colours - Yellow, Orange

Number - 1

Key Phrasing - I live every moment to the full

Love Matches - Aries, Libra, Sagittarius

Leo man

If you want to find a Leo man or win the heart of a Leo man, you'll most likely find him to be surrounded by admirers or on the stage. The secret of winning his heart or his friendship is to be in his view or in the audience. The Leo man will certainly respond to flattery and adoration. For the Leo man love is a vital ingredient to feel happy and fulfilled, if this part of his life is missing, he will slump into despondency and depression. It’s like he needs to feel alive and worshipped, but having found his partner of his dreams he will make a passionate and generous lover. There can be huge drawbacks to this, his jealousy and possessiveness. The Leo man expects his partner to belong to him - body, mind and soul and has the capability to grow restless if his partner is totally subservient.

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Leo woman

The Leo woman is a proud lion somewhat vain but magnificent. Despite all her airs and graces, deep down a Leo woman is deeply vulnerable. Many of the Leo women have the ability to light up a room as they walk into it and they rarely go unnoticed. These women are natural leaders and they will often be the main leader of any social group. They are instinctively generous and friendly, and it can be quite daunting for a potential partner to know how to approach the Leo woman. This is due to her strong sense of self-confidence and her popularity amongst friends and admirers. Flattery is her secret weakness and it is very important that her partner does not stifle her. The Leo woman cannot bear confinement, she needs to make her own decisions and lead her own life in the way she chooses. Their ideal working environment will have an air of luxury about it.

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