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(DECEMBER 22nd - JANUARY 19th)

Tarot Card

Element : Earth

Ruling planet : Saturn, the teacher

Symbol : The Goat

Tarot Card : The Devil (Materialism)

Preferable colours : Black, Brown, Green

Number : 8

Key Phrasing : Very ambitious and responsible

Love matches : Taurus, Virgo, Pisces

Capricorn man

The Capricorn man comes across strong but of the silent type. He tends to spend time on his own but prefers to stay connected to others who are like minded as himself. It’s a mistake to think he prefers his own company. Capricorn men can sometimes pretend to live without romance, attention and compliments but the way through this trustworthy, strong, dependable, loyal, ambitious man is to pay him compliments and give him plenty of affection. Although he may not be the most romantic of lovers, Capricorn men have no shortage of strength encased inside with a kind, warm and gentle heart.

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Capricorn woman

Many of the Capricorn women will tend to devote and focus themselves to high flying careers. The Capricorn woman can many times often appear calm and collected. In fact, she is prone to really dark moods and capable of brooding for a very long time, triggered by setbacks or disappointments. Deep down the Capricorn woman never feels quite good enough in herself and her mood swings will only disappear when she truly starts to believe in herself. She always needs to feel that she is climbing the ladder of success so rest and relaxation don't come easy to the Capricorn woman.

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