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(JUNE 21st - JULY 22)

Tarot Card

Element : Water

Ruling Planet : The moon

Symbol : The Crab

Tarot Cards : The chariot (Resilience)

Preferable colours : Indigo, White, Smoky Grey

Number : 2

Key Phrasing : I will eventually come out my shell

Love matches : Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

Cancer man

The Cancerian man can come across pessimistic and arrogant but their true nature is softer with an affectionate side. They can often feel too vulnerable to show it. The Cancerian male has a very strong image of what a mother should be like in his mind. They are either very close to their mothers or completely alienated and disappointed with them. Whichever way this may be their relationship is never casual. It’s very important to remember that if you fall in love with a Cancerian male your role could be understood as a mother figure for him. Although he won't admit it, a part of him adores being petted and mothered by females. He has a sensitive awareness to what others are feeling and a very strong practical side. The Cancerian male won't be short of admirers but it may take a long time for him to fall in love.

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Cancer woman

The Cancerian female can be gentle, magical and imaginative and more often than not a little crazy. They may appear sweet and shy at first glance but over time they can flower into fascinating conversationalists with a wealth of hidden talents mixed with passionate sexuality. If the Cancerian woman falls deeply in love (which would take time) she has the tendency to possess two different sides to her; on one side she is modest and womanly, while the other is deeply affectionate and at times quite clingy. Material security and comfort are very important for this woman, she will not expect her partner to provide everything for her and she is more than willing to put in her fair share. Fulfilment means more to these people than what money does.

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