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(MARCH 21st - APRIL 19th)

Tarot Card

Element : Fire

Ruling planet : Mars, The warrior

Symbol : The Ram

Tarot Card : The Emperor (Authority)

Preferable colours : Red, White

Number : 9

Key Phrasing : I am born to lead

Love matches : Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

Aries man

The Arian man will typically be a whirlwind of activity. He is often fiercely competitive and self assured, there may even be a hint of arrogance. The Arian man takes the initiative and likes others to follow his lead. Above all he likes to win in love and life. Arian men are deeply affectionate and prone to grand and generous gestures. He doesn't expect people who love him to hold back emotionally or physically. If he falls in love, he will put his partner on a pedestal and constantly shower them with gifts. If you fall in love with the Arian man you will find his personality very powerful so be careful not to make the first move as he loves challenges and likes to take the lead in love.

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Aries woman

The Arien woman, like the Arien man is typically energetic and attractive. Her life can seem very busy and she solves almost any problem. The Arien woman can be very flirtatious and headstrong, she is also very optimistic and endlessly resilient. Arien women can have total confidence in their abilities and they often like to be the first to do anything. Her independence and supreme confidence can batter a male ego to its death so to handle this type of personality you best not come across like a puppy or someone who is very fragile. In short, an Arien woman will never lack admirers but she will always be yearning after the one she can't get. She can play the vulnerable female role to perfection. Aries are very good at taking and directing but not so good at giving and accepting.

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