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(JANUARY 20th - FEBRUARY 18th)

Tarot Card

Element : Air

Ruling planet : Saturn, the teacher and Uranus, the visionary

Symbol : The water carrier

Tarot Card : The star (hope)

Preferable colours : Blue, turquoise, yellow

Number : 4

Key Phrasing : Express my original ideas

Love matches : Gemini, Leo, Aquarius

Aquarius man

The Aquarian man very rarely reveals his true feelings and very often he won't behave in the way people expect him to. Expect the unexpected when it comes to dealing with the Aquarian male. An Aquarian man tends to keep his cards close to his chest when it comes to his feelings and intentions. Not because he necessarily has anything to hide its purely because he takes great pride in surprising others. The Aquarian man may struggle when it comes to entering a relationship even if he finds someone who intrigues him. He isn't against commitment or marriage, he just doesn't take to it as easily as the other water signs, Scorpio and Cancer. When he finally takes the plunge which eventually he will do, the Aquarian man really comes into his own.

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Aquarius Woman

The Aquarian woman is very faithful and yet detached. She's committed and yet relaxed. If you want to understand Aquarian women, then forget it, she's a paradox. An Aquarian female loves everyone, and yet no one. She's gentle and yet tough. She's sociable but also a loner. Conversations with Aquarian women can be incredible. She seems to be well informed about everything and everyone possessing the ability to meet people on their level. The Aquarian female is both charming and fascinating so it’s easy to see why she can be often admired by many. It can be very difficult to win the heart of the Aquarian woman because there is a fine line between friendship and marriage. Above all, her intention is to help human beings progress in some kind of way.

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